MDC Engineering présentera sa ligne de vulcanisation VULCANOCLEAN® et son offre au « K Trade Fair » de Düsselfdorf, Hall 15 C01, du 16 au 23 octobre 2013. (International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber)

Principles of the VulcanoClean process

The installation consists of a salt bath shaped in long pot, named "vulcanization tunnel"

(Part 1), in association with a washing system and highly efficient cooling, called "Ecoclean" (Part 2) in order to ensure rigorous washing and recover 100% of the salt dragged out the tunnel by extruded profiles.

This "Ecoclean" is associated with an evaporator furnace, gas heated (or electrically in alternative), called "SWV oven" (Part 3) having three main functions:

  • make a continuous salt circulation and a continuous filtration by removing carbonates,
  • transferring heat in working condition to the whole salt of the assembly line,
  • treat the salt in a closed circuit by means of a very elaborated furnace designed with double-chamber and clean up the concentrated water from wash system by evaporation.

The salt is continuously circulated between the "SWV oven" and "vulcanization tunnel" through tubing immersed.

The salt, contaminated by the floating particles and organic impurities in suspension, returns to the SWV furnace where it is filtered and processed and recycled in closed circuit to the line.

At the end of the vulcanising tunnel, the profile crosses through a patented washing /cooling machine,  called Ecoclean that cleans and captures 100% of the dragged out salt in steps aiming to purify and recycle.

With the process VulcanoClean, additions of salt are only in proportion to the volume of solid muds removed by the system, that is to say extremely small.